A year in Russia

The Packing Palava

I’ve now been in Voronezh 3 nights and have finally settled in so will be posting one a day until I’ve caught up. So much has happened, but let us begin at the beginning.

20kg hold luggage limit. Size limit for hand luggage (unlimited weight). Easyjet, easy challenge? For some, maybe. For me, not so much.

Sad Pig.

Sad Pig. Sadder Jenny.

Compared to others in my cohort, I did struggle, but I’m excusing myself with the fact that I’m here for a year rather than 3 months so where they see sacrifices as short-lived I see a much longer road ahead. I was 9kg over, even after my Mum re-packed on the assumption I’d included lots of bizarre and weighty items (4 months supply of contact lense solutions; weighty but not bizarre!) . Two re-organisations of the suitcase later and Mother ceded defeat. Needless to say, my teddy bear -Mr. Pig- did not make the cut. I have a handy luggage scales so was able to pre-empt the extra charges and pay in advance cutting costs by £4 a kilo. Still, the charges were hefty and I made my way to Moscow thinking about the further expenditure for my Polet flight to Voronezh, but surprisingly only £2 a kilo with them!

Tips for cutting weight:

Put heavy items like books/laptop in your hand luggage which won’t get weighed (this gem comes via Ariane). Downside, I did find it difficult to then lift it into the overhead compartment on the plane. Thank you to ‘Man from Mexico’ for aiding me with this test of my upper body strength.

Don’t bring full-size bottles of shampoo, toothpaste etc. Travel sizes will last until you get to the local shop.

Most obviously, wear your biggest clothes on the flight.

Things to consider:

There are some amazing and truly huge shopping centres here in Voronezh- do not think that you are heading to some middle-of-nowhere backwater. If you decide to leave (or forget) an item at home then there is a huge array of lovely new material possessions to take its place. I packed my big winter coat but not a mild-weather jacket- picked up a beaut in a shop called Stradivarius in Galleria Chizhova.

Also, now that I’m here I can tell you not to worry about buying a massive coat at home. Plenty of stylish options here at very reasonable prices. Don’t go for practical North Face (and stand out as a foreigner) when you can get practical and fashion conscious here. Plus, those beasts take up so much space in the suitcase. Oh Pig, you could have come…

Featured Image copyright Jaunted.


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