A year in Russia

Voronezh: An Indian Summer?

©Charlotte HarveyWhen packing for my year in Russia, I made sure to include a summer dress and some t-shirts on the promise from our lecturers that an Indian summer would greet us in Voronezh.

Today the average temperature was 1°C. There was sleet this morning. There was snow this afternoon. By all accounts, this cold snap has hit a month early. Just my luck to be here during the coldest September in over 100 years (apparently). Wikipedia (stellar research- but I’m ill so be nice) tells me that the average low in September is usually 8.7°C.


I’m quite fortunate as the heating in my flat is already on, others here have to wait another two weeks until the State decides to do the ‘big switch on’. I’m not entirely sure why our heating is pumping out the warmth already, but when Женя returns from her holiday I’ll ask. No complaints of course. Other than that I’ve been completely surprised by the cold the last few times I’ve left the flat. I open the door and BAM- I turn back and add another layer.

Thing is, once I arrive at my destination, it is usually really hot. Case in point: Galleria Chizhova which is about 10 minutes walk from my flat on the way to school and is often our meeting point. It has a huge О’кей supermarket in its basement.  Within 10 minutes of being inside, I am burning from the heat, stripping off my jacket and jumper in a bid to regulate my body temp. Russians however, walk about unfazed by the excessive heat. Their make up is not sliding from their faces, they’re not going red from overheating. How they do it, I don’t know. But if it becomes apparent to me during the process of integration, I will pass on the secret. You’ll just have to keep reading 🙂

Featured Image copyright Russia Profile.


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