A year in Russia

Pascal is newsworthy (as always).

Last weekend, Pascal went on a bike ride with some people he’d met at an Exchange meeting. Turns out the bike ride was a big deal and some form of bike festival. Naturally, with a smile like his, he became a main feature.

Click here to read the original.

My favourite quotes:

“Паскаль признался, что Воронеж ему очень нравится, особенно русские девушки, которые ему улыбаются.”

“Pascal admitted that he loves Voronezh, especially Russian girls who smile at him.”

What a rascal.

“Так, на Адмиралтейской площади корреспонденты «Ё!» познакомились с темнокожим студентом по имени Паскаль.”

“So, on Admiralty square,  ‘Ё!’ correspondent met with an Afro student called Pascal”

I haven’t been able to find темнокожий in many dictionaries, but google translate suggests Afro and bab-la suggests ‘darkie’.

Oh, Russia.


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