A year in Russia

Top things to bring to pack

Just a brief post about some super useful items that you should bring with you to make your year abroad run a little more smoothly! Extension Cable  Seriously, pack one. … Continue reading

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Mortal Combat and a little bit of sexism

After a long absence, I’m back. I’ve been a busy bee and have lots to tell you about, but as I got further and further behind, the task of updating … Continue reading

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Babushkas and Birthdays

Having been busy, I’m now quite far behind so will be trying to catch myself up over the next few posts. The day after the Ice Hockey, I went to … Continue reading

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“I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out”

After Sunday’s dalliance in ice skating, Monday brought my first ever trip to the ice hockey. For a mere 100 roubles (£2), I watched a match in the ‘Major Hockey … Continue reading

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Last night was my first foray into the world of ice skating. It was marvellous. I’ve met some absolutely lovely Russian girls so I had someone to hold my hand … Continue reading

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Бандэрос – Коламбия Пикчерз не представляет

Коламбия пикчерс не представляет Тсс, тсс Мне пофиг на хит-парады А так же на одни и те же наряды Не надо Мы и так в поряде Ну где же вы … Continue reading

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Звери- Танцуй

Learning songs is a useful way of learning new words, pronunciation and looking at grammar in a more interesting way. I’m going to post some songs that are popular here … Continue reading

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